Portfolio Tag: Game Design

Echo of Ayllu- Online Card Game

Echo of Ayllu – Online Card Game Echo of Ayllu is a competitive trading card game where you create a team of 8 characters and 1 artefact. This helps keep the deckbuilding simple while allowing a variety of strategies and deep gameplay. The artefact determines your victory condition. The design team has worked diligently to

The Last Crystal

The Last Crystal is a collaborative adventure game where two players explore and advance through a mysterious temple by solving puzzles, fighting monsters, and interacting with their environment. Story based, players will follow the journey of the two main characters and learn to collaborate in order to face increasingly difficult challenges. The Last Crystal is

Farbo World Labyrinth

Farbo World Labyrinth – Puzzle Game Farbo World is a puzzle adventure game with path system. Swipe in one direction and the character will slide in that direction until it reaches an obstacle. For this game, on top of doing all the programming, I was also the game designer and did all the level design,