Echo of Ayllu - Online Card Game

Echo of Ayllu – Online Card Game

Echo of Ayllu is a competitive trading card game where you create a team of 8 characters and 1 artefact. This helps keep the deckbuilding simple while allowing a variety of strategies and deep gameplay. The artefact determines your victory condition. The design team has worked diligently to ensure that every card is useful and playable to encourage a wide variety of play-styles.

Echo of Ayllu on Steam

My work on it

Sole programmer on the project
-Card game core rules and gameplay
-Controls for deck handling and playing cards
-Data structure in Unity for creating new cards and abilities.
-Deckbuilding, Card Collection, Pack purchasing
-ELO ranking, reward unlocking, and progression
-Player to player card market
-Networking between the game client and the game server.
-Dedicated Online Server for turn-based gameplay. (Unity Server)
-Automatic Matchmaking
-Web API and database for user data (NodeJS + MongoDB)
-Secured login over HTTPS
-NFT integration with Ethereum/Polygon chains.
-Made with Unity (C#) and NodeJS (Javascript)


Marc-Antoine Desbiens – Programmer and Game Designer
Loic Bredolese – Producer and Game Designer
10+ artists worked on art and audio

List of cards