The Last Crystal

The Last Crystal is a collaborative adventure game where two players explore and advance through a mysterious temple by solving puzzles, fighting monsters, and interacting with their environment.

Story based, players will follow the journey of the two main characters and learn to collaborate in order to face increasingly difficult challenges.

The Last Crystal is currently under development. We are preparing a demo and planning a Kickstarter. At release, it will be available on PC, Mac, and possibly some consoles.

Steam Page:


My work on it

I am the only programmer on this project, I did all of the coding as well as most of the gameplay and level design. Here are some of the features I created:

-Fighting system (Melee and ranged weapons).
-Enemies with AI and pathfinding.
-Shaders (Like Darkness system, Depth pit).
-Level/Puzzle design.
-Local multiplayer with controllers support.
-Save system.
-Ability/Skill tree.
-Inventory System.
-Dialogue System (in-game, and zoomed-in)
-Animations and Cinematics integration.
-Unity Lighting.
-Particle FX integration and edits.
-Various 2D physics and maths.
-A lot of optimizations (for frame rate improvement).
-Made with Unity (C#)


Marc-Antoine Desbiens – Lead Designer, Programmer & Co-producer
Helen Lien Nguyen – Lead Artist, Marketer & Co-producer
Jiesi Huang – Playtester, Animator
ChingAn Lin – Playtester, Animator
Andey Fellowes – Music
Daniel “NachtEinhorn” Setio – Animator
Eryono – Concept Art, Illustration
Billy Roberts – Concept Art, Illustration
Matt Vile – Additional Art and Animations
Thomas Petitjean – Original Concept Team
Mila Lang – Original Concept Team
Mateo Cano Gomez – Original Concept Team