Royal Council

Royal Council – Strategy Card Game

Royal Council features different kingdoms fighting for power, land, gold and titles.

Players acquire resources to grow their kingdoms. Having more resources than the other players will allow you to play powerful cards against other players or for you own benefit: attacks, treacheries, and deals.

Players are also fighting for the support of the members of the royal council. Get the support of all council members to win the game! Each council member also comes with unique abilities that will help you to grow your kingdom.


Titles are the core of the game and pass from one player to the other during the game. There are 5 titles, each one associated with one of the 5 resources of the game: army, gold, power, faith, territory.

Titles gives you a unique special action, a victory point, and the ability to break ties for attack and supremacy cards of the same resource. Many action cards allow to steal a title to another player. The Reform card, for instance, will reassign each title to the player with the most strength in the associated resource.

The first player that get 5 victory points (via titles or objectives), wins the game.


Resource cards indicate the prosperity of your kingdom. Using actions, a player can get resources from the market or put resource cards face up on the table in front of them. These face up cards are now the resources owned by their kingdom.

Resources in a player’s kingdom allows them to play action cards. Many action cards allow to steal resources from other players or get more powerful resources from the level 2 and level 3 decks.


Action cards represent powerful deals, attacks and treachery a player can do. There are 3 types of actions: attack, supremacy, normal.

Attack cards can be used against any player with less resources of the corresponding type in their kingdom. Attacks usually allow you to steal resources, titles, or to harm the other player.

Supremacy cards work like attack cards, except that you don’t select a target. You must be the player with the most resource of the corresponding type in order to play that card. The second player with the most resources of the card’s type can also play a supremacy card for a less powerful effect.

Normal cards have less powerful effects but can be played by anyone.


One player getting the 5 titles will automatically end the game and win.

But there is another way of gaining victory points. Each player can have one active objective in front of them. When they complete that objective, they can turn the card face down to get a victory point. The “V” symbol at the back of the card represent a victory point.


Players can use their action to make alliance with other consenting players. Each alliance is only associated with one type of resource (army, gold, power, faith or territory).

Players will share their resources of the selected type when they have an alliance. When two players have a gold alliance for instance, if one has 5 strength in gold and the other has 4. Then they both have 9 instead!


Marc-Antoine Desbiens – Game Design
Art – Prototype Art taken online