Catronauts is a couch co-op action game for 1-4 players about spaceships, and cats!

Your ultimate goal is to lead the cats and colonize a new homeworld planet. But you are not alone. The evil cosmo-dogs will do everything to achieve it before the cats. You must collaborate with your friends to maneuver the mothership through space!

Players progress from avoiding stationary obstructions, to dodging moving obstructions, to fighting off malevolent Cosmopup spacecraft. As threats grow more numerous and deadly, players attain new tools to fight them. Player’s spaceships acquire new defensive abilities such gain the ability to push away objects or shield themselves from laser fire.

As players progress, they will collect tech points which can be spent to unlock upgrades and new abilities, allowing players to customize gameplay to match their play style.

My work on it

-Enemies with AI and pathfinding.
-Local multiplayer with controllers support.
-Fighting system (Lasers, shield, abilities).
-Level and gameplay design.
-Solo abilities (For the small spaceships)
-Co-op abilities (For the mothership)
-Parallax background (space & stars behind gameplay)
-Obstacles with physics effects (black holes).
-Space 2D physics and maths.
-Made with Unity (C#)


Quinn Brander – Game Designer and Sound Designer
Marc-Antoine Desbiens – Game Designer and Programmer
Youhan Guan – Programmer and Technical Artist
Angie Li – Animator and UI Designer
Motahareh Pilehvarian – Visual Artist and Concept Artist
Annie Wang – Visual Artist
Parmida Zarrinkamar – Project Manager and UX Designer