There`s something about the membership card that screams exclusivity and class. With membership cards, your target audience feels like a sense of belonging and integration with your brand. It`s amazing, because it`s two in one. It`s both a membership card and a USB, what else better to keep customers than that? The transmitter is notified if the agreement is executed by the USB-IF. On that date, your company will have access to the logo art files that will be published on this website. If a product from your company is added to the list of USB-IF integrators, the sender is informed of your company`s right to use the USB-IF logo corresponding with that product. The license agreement must be signed by a duly authorized representative of your company and sent to the USB Implementation Forum, Inc. to access logo art files and to have the right to use logos on products that pass USB-IF compliance tests. For non-USB-IF members, a $3,500 logo administration fee is charged, to be submitted with the signed contract and a vendor ID form if your company does not yet have a VID. The fee is waived for USB-IF members. Please note that there are 3 areas of the agreement that need to be concluded. Information is needed on page 1, the first paragraph of page 1 and page 8 of the agreement. Of course, this USB card works in the same way as any current membership card with a member barcode printed on it.

The best way to sign and prove membership in an organization would be a membership card. We present the USB membership card. Please send the original signed license agreement with payment, if applicable, to the following address: USB-IF extends membership at no additional cost to current PCMCIA members for the remainder of their current annual membership period, provided the member accepts and executes the USB-IF membership contract. When the membership period expires, usb-IF will extend the USB-IF subscription. For organizations that are members of PCMCIA and USB-IF, there is no need to transfer membership.

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