The local government of Scotland Act (2003) requires local authorities to initiate, maintain and facilitate the local planning process. Glasgows Community Planning Partnership (CPP) consists of us, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue, Glasgow Housing Association and glasgow Chamber of Commerce. By representing itself on the strategic committee of the CPC, the executive group and various working groups, the Council plays a key role in the development of municipal planning strategy and policy. Following workshops held in 2012 with municipalities, local planning partners, equality groups and joint workshops, a draft single outcome agreement was drawn up in April 2013 and submitted to the Scottish Government in April 2013, and a final version was adopted following a consultation phase between partners, Council members and Community members. In July 2008, each Scottish Council developed a Single Exchange Agreement (SOA) in collaboration with local planning partners. He outlined planned improvements for the local sector and their contribution to the Scottish Government`s 15 national results (for more information on national results, visit the Scotland Performs website). The Stirling Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) brought together partners from the Stirling planning community to accept a vision of the Stirling area that would change the lives of their citizens and communities. The SOA has identified strategic priorities to be implemented to achieve this vision. These priorities have been expressed as outcomes to be provided by partners, whether individually or collectively. These local results have also contributed to the Scottish Government`s national results.

In 2009, the Local Planning Partnership formalized a second version of the agreement confirming the 24 local results planned for the city through 2010/2011. Each year, the Council reports on progress in the results of the unit result agreement. Scottish Funding Council Outcome Agreement 2019-20 for the University of Stirling. The SOA has been replaced by the Local Yield Improvement Plan released in 2018. Please note that, based on best practices in the publication of statistics, the “Results of Agreement Measures” table contains a summary of the table presented by SFC. The full table was drawn up as part of the outcome agreement process, but only the summary table is displayed in the published document. The introduction of the SOA has been accompanied by a reduction in the funding constraints imposed by the Scottish Government on local planning partnerships, which has allowed for greater flexibility in the objective of resources, depending on local priorities and needs. To view our framework results and follow-up report, please select the corresponding link below: For more information on the 2013 Framework Agreement, please visit the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership website.

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