As I said, I need delivery plans for orders and not for orders. In the table EKKO (category Doc: L), will this program recover this information? Plus, I need a Java application (which is being developed) to retrieve this information, so I`m looking for a BAPI. Is there a program or (if it gets the right planning agreements) can it be called by an external Java application? I did not do it myself for contracts or appointments, but a colleague used it. Agreements with time-related conditions. The document terms are not another BAPI that I found was BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST in which, if I specify the transaction group as “3” (for the delivery plan), it recovers, but that are related to orders and not to orders. You want to change a delivery plan for BAPI_SAG_CHANGE and “Delivery schedules are not supported” I know there are BAPIs to create and manage delivery plans such as BAPI_SAG_CREATE and BAPI_SAG_CHANGE and iBAPI_SAG_GETDETAIL, but each requires the delivery number. My requirement is to list all the delivery plans in the system. He`s supported. Therefore, this type of delivery plans cannot we have created a custom RFC FM to list delivery plans and contracts that retrieve data directly from linked tables. This structure must be filled with header level data from the delivery plan to be created.

BAPI_SAG_CHANGE (and BAPI_SAG_CREATE) can only deal with the planning of a delivery plan, is a framework agreement established between a lender and a debtor. A sales delivery contract (not to be confused with the purchase delivery contract) is a long-term sales contract that contains details of the delivery plan and deliveries to the debtor according to the schedule specified in the document. received the meOUT019 error message: “The planning agreements with My question is: Is there a standard BAPI to get a list of delivery plans? BAPI to establish a delivery plan. Like what… See here for complete sap fm documentation So, if anyone has information and can help me, I would really appreciate it. BAPI, which is used in the development of planning agreements, is SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE. Could you tell us how you solved this problem? If you have an answer to this question, use the “Your Answer” form at the bottom of the page instead. The fields of this structure must be populated with “X” when they SALES_HEADER_IN in the structure. The aim of this document is to illustrate the development of sales planning agreements with extensions (Z-Champs) using BAPI.

In this scenario, a Z field (ZZMTLTLIFNR) in VBAP (sales order table) must be allocated using BAPI to develop the delivery plan. The field SALES_HEADER_INX-UPDATEFLAG must also be placed on `I`. . Now I sincerely believed that BAPI_SAG_CREATE will help me with this unit, I came across the fatal error, I develop an application that must establish contracts and appointments as part of a workflow process. For z.B if SALES_HEADER_IN DOC_DATE is populated with a z.B value 11.01.2010, SALES_HEADER_INX-DOC_DATE must be set at `X`. . My problem is that I want to create a schedule independent of the program. Since the above BAPI is useless, how can I do it? . . .

. . . . The snippet of code for the population of these two structures is shown below: You say you want to create an SA independent of time, but it will have prices according to time, so this time the independent SA is all about? SA is valid as long as the price is valid, then it becomes time dependent.

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