This project was for a client that wanted to include a dog in his VR game. Our team was tasked with designing and developing the behavior and art of that character.

The project is a lot focused on finding optimal interactions in VR since we tried many “out of the box” ways of doing the player-dog interactions, to make the dog believable and the experience enjoyable.

My work on it

-VR “natural” controls (hand pointing, hand gestures).
-Player interactions with the dog.
-Dog AI and behavior.
-Dog state machine (Wander, Listen, Fetch, DoTrick, MoveTo, more…)


Brooke Waddington – Art & UI/UX
Calina Franz-Hernandez – Art & UI/UX
Jason Bernhardt – Programming
Marc-Antoine Desbiens – Programming
Yang Zhang – 3D Art
Zackary Valenta – Project Management & Programming
BokBok Labs – Client (they did everything that is not related to the Dog).