TCG Engine

TCG Engine – Online Card Game

TCG Engine is a complete template to create online card games in Unity. It supports both solo play and multiplayer on a dedicated authoritative server.

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Documentation: Gitbook

Made with this Engine: Echo of Ayllu

Code included

-Card game gameplay (Play, Attack, Mana, HP, Abilities)
-Solo and Multiplayer
-Desktop and Mobile controls
-User Login and User Database (Web API)
-Dedicated Authoritative Game Server
-Simple Matchmaking
-Card Collection, Pack Opening, In-Game Currency
-Leaderboard and Friend list
-AI made with Minimax algorithm
-Customizable Card Abilities
-Made with Unity (C#)


Concept & Programming
Indie Marc (Marc-Antoine Desbiens)

Menu, UI, Card frames and back
Helen Lien