Spirit Clash - Online Card Game

Spirit Clash – Online Card Game

Spirit Clash is a battle for supremacy. You must clash your way through the three spiritual cores of Mind, Body, and Soul to claim victory. The first player to control two of the cores wins the game, but your opponent won’t let you take them easily. Summon Followers that will clash for your Overlord. Cast Hexes to hinder your enemies or to help yourself. Equip powerful Relics. Order clashes upon the cores to become the most powerful Overlord and reign supreme.

I was tasked to develop a mobile app based on existing rules and cards. Development includes the game app, a dedicated online server that players can join, automatic matchmaking, a deckbuilder, and a secured web api that stores user data.

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My work on it

Sole programmer on the project
-Card game core rules and gameplay
-Controls for deck handling and playing cards
-Deckbuilding, Card Collection, Pack purchasing
-Data structure in Unity for creating new cards and abilities.
-Networking between the game client and the game server.
-Online Server for turn-based gameplay. (Unity Server)
-Automatic Matchmaking
-Web API and database for user data (NodeJS + MongoDB)
-Secured login over HTTPS
-Made with Unity (C#) and NodeJS (Javascript)


Nick Parenti – Lead Game Designer
Marc Bamber – Producer
Marc-Antoine Desbiens – Game Programmer
And over 15 artists (name can be seen on each card)