Relics & Minions - Online Card Game

Relics & Minions – Online Card Game

Relics and Minions is a competitive trading card game focused on fair play and decision making.

Prior to development, the game was available as a physical card game. I was tasked to turn it into a mobile app that can be played online against other players. Development includes the game app, a dedicated server that can host multiple games, and a deckbuilder.

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My work on it

Sole programmer on the project
-Card game core rules and gameplay
-Controls for deck handling and playing cards
-Data structure in Unity for creating new cards and abilities.
-Networking between the game client and the game server.
-Dedicated Online Server for turn-based gameplay. (Unity Server)
-Made with Unity (C#)


Andrew Buchanan – Producer and Game Designer
Ryan Harrison – Game Designer
Marc-Antoine Desbiens – Game Programmer
25+ artists worked on cards art (name can be seen on each card)