Don't Drown

Don’t Drown is a cooperative mobile game where 2-6 players take on unique roles on a shared pirate ship being attacked by a kraken. It was created during the Vancouver Global Game Jam of 2017. The theme of the jam was “waves” and we had 48 hours to make a game.

Each player takes a role!

Captain: Turn left or right by tilting your phone to the side.
Sailor: Align the sails with the wind to power it and make it move.
Gunner: Shoot the cannons and aim at the Kraken!
Scout: Send your parrot to explore, and report any signs of Kraken the other players!
Bailor: Emergency role. Repair the ship, and remove the water from it before you sink!

My work on it

-Different roles with different controls (Captain, Sailor, Gunner, Scout, Bailor)
-Real-time networking for multiplayer.
-LAN multiplayer on different devices (PC, tablet and mobile phone).
-Projectiles & Melee fighting (Cannon ball, Kraken tentacles attack).


Quinn Brander – Game Design & Sound
Marc-Antoine Desbiens – Game Design & Programming
Youhan Guan – Art & Programming
Carina Kern – 2D Art & Animation
Helen Nguyen – 2D Art