Article 1660. If a place of residence or other building intended for human habitation is in such a state that its use poses an immediate and serious danger to life or health, the tenant may immediately terminate the tenancy agreement by notifying the lessor, even if he was aware of the dangerous condition at the time of the contract or if he waived the law because of that condition. to revoke the lease. (n) Section 1676. The purchaser of a property subject to a lease not registered in the land registry may terminate the lease, unless otherwise stated in the sales contract or if the buyer is aware of the existence of the lease. I`ve been renting this condo for four years. From the first month, I had problems reading my counters and invoices. Nothing happened here. It went on and on, until I got tired of not paying my Assoc fees or my water or electricity bills. I started receiving notices on these invoices in 2010. for whom I would talk with the manager and in the end, I would pay a certain amount. Then barely a year ago, there was a change of manager, and again, the same thing happened. Until the fifth manager I thought he was finally going to solve my problem.

Instead, my concerns were never raised, I was put under pressure to pay the full amount or anything else. Not a penny of all these abnormal invoices was pushed back and didn`t think about why it was called into question. I humbly admitted payment because I didn`t want to bear the embarrassment that my bills were cut during the holidays. I wrote a call saying I`d pay for this and this that day. I did a good check, but the second one (with the total balance), I had to beg because I was really tied for cash. So I made another call, this time with 2 cheques, a smaller amount and another big amount for the rest. After a week, I was told that my second call had not been approved! If this were the case, since I formally appealed, would I have received a written response explaining in part the refusal? What about my checks? the first, was filed, it was a good thing, it was funded. Then, halfway past the date of the second check, my water was cut off. Previously, the director had personally informed me of the disapproval and said that a letter would follow. It didn`t give me that. Since they have already cut off my water, I expected my second test to be completed. I was simply willing to pay what I can only move my account, and I was just too willing to accept that my power would be cut off at some point.

Today, I was informed that my cheque had been deposited and that, if I am not funded, I will be slapped by bp22. Of course, I wasn`t ready for that amount, otherwise my problems would have been solved there and then. Well, what`s my right here? All I get are threats here and there. I couldn`t even get some things out of my unit, because the manager has already said that no objects should be removed from my unit. Besides, I have no problem with my landlord because my rent is updated. Can the condo simply implement its own rules and decide how we tenants should be flogged for payment? Can the condo actually suspend the rightful owners of their property, since the unit has been paid for? It`s actually their threats.

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