When buying a purchase and looking for a contract that meets your needs, agency buyers should familiarize themselves with contractual terms, conditions, description of goods or services, and price plans. Read the contract. If necessary, ask the contract specialist questions. DAS uses a consistent format in the implementation of our multi-party contractual agreements: SAIF is a member of the Oregon Cooperative Procurement Participation Program (ORCPP) and has access to nationally negotiated contracts and price agreements negotiated by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS). Procurement strives to ensure that information is readily available to help agencies understand what contracts are available for use, how contracts are used, and what falls within certain contracts. As Oregon`s leading corporate insurer for employee compensation, SAIF is also working to develop Oregon`s economy by hiring Oregon contractors and local businesses whenever it is economically feasible. We promote many of our applications in the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) of das. We recommend that suppliers who wish to be informed of the possibility of doing business with SAIF, register with ORPIN. Saif attaches importance to the diversity and integration of under-represented groups in both staff and business partners.

We encourage emerging small businesses and minority-owned businesses, women and disability service veterans to register with the Oregon Office of Certification for Business Integration and Diversity (COBID) and provide us with this status when responding to SAIF requests. Most DAS contracts are in pdf format and are accompanied by bookmarks, so the user can easily switch from one section to another. Tender and procurement laws, existing wage laws and most administrative provisions governing governments and governments do not apply to SAFIs. As a general rule, however, we set up tenders, including tenders (RPS) and tenders (ITBs) and public procurement on the basis of clearly defined criteria. SAIF strives to do fair and open business with the supplier community. For more information on this program, please visit the COBID website.

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