2.1.2…. no consumer solution is provided or licensed for use by a natural person for commercial purposes; or (ii) businesses, businesses, public bodies, non-governmental organizations or other non-profit organizations or educational institutions. In July 2020, Microsoft Windows Defender began labeling the free version of CCleaner as a “potentially unwanted application” and stated that “if the bundled applications themselves are legitimate, the pooling of software, especially products from other vendors, can lead to unexpected software activities that can have a negative impact on the user experience. [34] 8.3. If a subscription period depends on the payment of a fee or fee, and the creditor has not received the payment until the 15th day following the payment due date, it is considered abandoned that your license to use the solution has been discontinued and the license is immediately terminated without further action by you or the seller. 2.1.2. For all other solutions, including Avast Free Antivirus, AVG Free Antivirus, CCleaner Free and all other solutions for which you do not have to pay a subscription fee or any other price to obtain the solution or to continue using the solution after a trial period (a “consumer solution” by a natural person or member of his household for personal and non-commercial purposes). In order to avoid any doubt, no consumer solution that can be used for commercial purposes by a person is provided or conceded; or (ii) businesses, businesses, government institutions, non-governmental organizations or other non-profit educational organizations or institutions. Piriform undertakes, at its own expense, to defend you against any claim or legal action, or to pay you after its election, which claims that your use or possession of the product violates the intellectual property rights of the third united Kingdom. This paragraph 6 does not apply if the claim or act in question is due to your use or possession of the product, except in accordance with this Agreement or the licence or use of a long-term release of the Product. This paragraph 6 is conditional on the fact that you immediately communicate in writing to Piriform the nature of the application or action in question and that you do not grant authorization or compromise.

This paragraph 6 is your only recourse and Piriform is solely responsible for such claims or actions. 13.1. Software, services and other third-party products. Some solutions offer you the ability to purchase software, services and other products from third parties. You acknowledge that the third party concerned is solely responsible for its offers and that the Supplier does not accept any guarantee or guarantee regarding these offers and assumes no responsibility for these offers, and if you purchase or use any of these third-party offers, the offers and your use offered will be subject to any licensing agreement, terms of use, privacy policy and/or any other condition required by the third party. www.piriform.com/business/ccleaner-network-edition 13.2. Licenses for managed service providers. This section 13.2 applies: (i) to the extent that the applicable conditions allow you to use CloudCare, Managed Workplace, Avast Business Services, CCleaner Business Edition or any other solution for providing MSP services to third parties; and (ii) to all CCleaner Cloud for Business licenses.

13.6.1. For each solution downloaded by Google Play (play.google.com), the license granted by this agreement complies with the use clause of a solution that would otherwise be granted by the standard terms applicable to applications downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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