If you are able to place a larger deposit, then your monthly payments will be reduced, however, the flexibility in agility is that you can formulate the best option for your circumstances. You can finance your new or used Mercedes-Benz to get a lower monthly repayment with a higher down payment and, conversely, pay a lower down payment with a higher monthly payment. It gives the buyer a complete guarantee as to the value of his car at the conclusion of the contract, since in the event of a decline in its market value, he is not responsible for a deficit. All you have to do is register with Mercedes and then check your agreement in the Mercedes finance section under the link “Manage my agreement” Link, remember to have your contract number handy. Return your vehicle at the end of your agreement without making any other payments, except for any excessive mileage, damage or service history. For more information on the return process, including our return standards for vehicles and booking an inspection/collection, see the “Return of Your Vehicle” section below. However, this decision must not be taken until the end of the agreement. Customers pay a portion of the loan over the life and can then choose to pay the outright purchase payment if they wish to keep the car, return it or exchange it for a new one. The optional purchase payment is due on the last day of your contract, by paying these fees and all activation fees, you will own the car directly. For payments based solely on a portion of the vehicle`s value, this means that monthly repayments are generally less than those of the rental purchase — although knowing that at the end of the agreement, measures are needed with respect to the optional payment. With a new agility, you have the freedom to choose your own down payment, the duration of the contract and the annual mileage in order to structure your payment terms for your individual finances. At the end of the term of the contract, your agility contract offers you 3 options.

You are nearing the end of your agility agreement (personal contract plan). There are a number of options that you are approaching at the end of your financial agreement, and your trader will contact you for details. All Mercedes-Benz and smart showrooms are open. Visit the online showroom for all current offers throughout the range. We also call you to find out what your plans are, but if you prefer, you can email us. As a reminder, your contract options are: Pay the optional fee for final payment and purchase activation. This will finish buying your truck, so you can easily enjoy it. Please note that a purchase tax will be levied during the last month of your contract to find out how much it is, see your agreement. As part of your Agility financing agreement, you have three options at the end of your contract. Here you will find information on your single optional payment and the possession of your Mercecdes-Benz.

Your Agility financing contract gives you the option to exchange your current vehicle for a brand new Mercedes.

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